I was born in 1990 in West Bend, Wisconsin. I eventually found the photo community Flickr in high school and spent a lot of time cruising through photo each day. I couldn’t believe some of the places I saw and the incredible pictures. It was hard for me to believe that places that beautiful existed. This got me curious into how those photographers got shots like that, and even how did they travel or get to those places. Backpacking was a completely foreign subject to me and I became fascinated with it. I did all this research and emailed people on how they made travel possibly. I eventually got so inspired by the west and the outdoor lifestyle that I begged my parents to take me out west.

Well, at 22 I saw my first glimpse of the west. We took a family road trip to Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park. I was hooked the instant I saw the mountains and went hiking. So much so, that I switched majors in college from business to biology and did all I could to work at national parks. I spent the next two summers working at Denali National Park and Mount Rainier National Park. I bought a Canon Powershot for Denali, just to document my trips and the things I saw. I really got into photography then, as I hacked my camera so I could take bracketed exposures for HDR. The next summer, I bought my first DSLR along with a $20 flimsy tripod for a road trip from Wisconsin to Mount Rainier where I worked. I spent all summer backpacking and taking trips purely for photography. I was terrible, but there’s just something about pressing the shutter button high up in the mountains and seeing the image flash on the screen. After I graduated, I worked 6 months in Namibia as a biologist. Unfortunately, almost all my time was spent working and I had an incredible experience in the desert, but I didn’t have much time for the camera. When I came back to the US, photography was on the back burner. But, after a year of no travel my friend and I decided to take a trip to Iceland. I bought a Nikon D800 and upgraded to full frame. That was kind of a turning point for me, as I never looked back after that. I didn’t get any good shots in Iceland and had no idea what I was doing, but after that point I began taking trips dedicated only to capturing a shot. 

I’m so thankful that photography has developed into a true passion for me. I always had a connection with the landscape and felt a deep peace whenever I was hiking in the wild, but photography has amplified that and has allowed me to express my experiences. Photography has gotten me out of my comfort zone and made me travel much more than I ever would have, it’s one of the biggest parts of my life. I’ve enjoyed my progression as well, I now see myself more of a landscape artist. I use my camera as a tool to capture a scene, but I also process my images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve my vision. I want my images to make an emotional impression with the viewer, a mark that makes the viewer feel the same emotions I felt while capturing the scene.  I also aim to capture some of the beautiful landscapes of our world and inspire people with the amazing wild our world has to offer. 

My greatest influence is Marc Adamus. A true explorer at heart and incredible artist.